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Turbo Detox Juice

Prep time: 5 min      Yield: 2 glasses Ingredients: 3 apples 1 carrot 1 slice of lemon 1/4 yellow bell pepper 1 inch of cucumber 1/4 piece of celery 1 inch of broccoli stern 1 inch slice of raw beetroot 1 medium avocado (your call) Directions Juice all the ingredients except the avocado. Start with an apple and […]

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ommik houria

Tunisian Carrot salad (ommik Houria) 3

Truly delicious carrot salad/dip. Eat with bread or as a side dish.   Prep time: 10 min Tot time: 25 min   Ingredients 5 carrots 2 tablespoon olive oil 2 garlic cloves 1 teaspoon harissa 1 teaspoon cumin Pepper & salt   Topping Boiled egg Tuna Parsley   Directions Peel the carrots and cook in […]