Daily Archives: May 3 2015

Healthier Cake Tips

It’s no secret I love making not-so-healthy things a bit healthier. Read below how to make your celebration cake healthier! Applesauce! This old favorite makes a great  substitute for sugar or fat when baking a cake (just don’t try to replace both at the same time…). When replacing sugar, applesauce can be used as a replacement in […]



Raw Avocado Cocoa Mousse

This avocado chocolate mousse is a healthy and delicious treat! The application for such a mousse is endless. Alone, garnished with almonds and blueberries, spread on toast a-la Nutella, as a topping on a cake, so it’s very versatile. It’s amazing! Serves: 2 portions (or 1 portion if you are like me and love this mousse) […]