Keep your healthy lifestyle while enjoying a summer holiday

10 tips to keep your healthy lifestyle while enjoying a fab summer holiday

1. Keep it simple
What you need is vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, eggs and healthy fats like olive oil or coconut oil. Unless you’re going for a safari in the sahara, those things will be accessible pretty much anywhere you go.walk on the beach

2.  Bring your must-haves
If you have certain must-haves that you feel you cannot live without, bring them! For me that includes flax seeds. They just work wonders for my delicate stomach and who wants to deal with stomach aches, constipation or diarrhea during the holidays? Well, not me.

3. Always bring emergency food
The long drive or flight is a challenge. You never know what they’re going to serve on the plane but it’s rarely anything you would label “real food”. I always bring an emergency lunchbox consisting of  vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, fennel or cucumber and some nuts and self-made banana bread. That may not be the most balanced of meals but the important thing here is that it’ll keep me happy and satiated for 3-4 hours and I won’t feel tempted to eat strange things because they’re on a tray in front of me.

4. Make smart decisions
Meals are always large in restaurants compared to when you prepare them yourself. Try to eat slowly, and once you feel full STOP. Just because it is there in front of you doesn’t mean you have to eat it all. You can even ask the waiter to take it away. Temptation gone.

5. Choose your battles
Do you really need an extra side of fries? Or the chocolate cheesecake at the end? I know its so enticing and yes you are on your holidays, however making these little sacrifices will make a big difference. Perhaps share a side or a desert, and don’t go for a starter. Swap fries for sweet potato or another healthier option. Its all about choosing when and what you want to indulge in. Enjoy the local delicacies! When I went to Italy I did have pasta and pizza, I did not have them every day and I chose carefully where and when I had them.

6. Do not skip meals
It will lead to overeating and excessive snacking and it will sap your energy, energy you need to enjoy your holiday.

7. If you don’t love it, don’t eat it
Don’t eat a “pain au chocolat” for breakfast when on holiday in France just because everybody does or because it is the best place in Paris for a “pain au chocolat”  but because You love it.

8. Drink plenty of water
Make sure that during the day water is your standard drink – drink at least 2 liters of water – and avoid sugary drinks (cocktail by the pool, coke at lunch etc…).Water lemon

9. Be Active
If you’re lucky your hotel will have a gym. Get up and get your workout down first thing, it will give you that fitness kick for the rest of the day as well. Whenever you have the option, walk!! A chance to see what’s going on and get that heart rate up at the same time. Whatever it may be (walking, running, yoga, dancing….), get active! Extra Tip: Do not forget to pack your running /walking shoes, fitness outfit, yoga mat……

10. Be realistic and lower the bar
Lower the bar on how perfect your diet should be. Accept that everything cannot be as clean as at home. That’s OK! But don’t think that because the local grocery shop doesn’t have organic almond milk or quinoa, you might as well eat bread and ice cream for the rest of your vacation. Lower the bar but do yourself a favor and hang on to your over all principles.

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