In only 5 months (8 sessions) – I have become a woman who lives a healthy lifestyle, who lost weight and body fat, who exercises more, knows what she needs, is aware of her values in life and found more truth in herself than ever before! This was all possible with the support of Hennia. She coached and guided me in the way I needed, she gave me the feeling of trust to open up and be vulnerable. She didn’t pity me or was bad to me when I had a though moment, she kept encouraging me to believe in myself and gave me the tools I needed to reach my goals. Her knowledge is inspiring and she is a very approachable and kind person. You can ask her anything! I’m grateful that she crossed my path. I definitely recommend her! Nadine Schol, HR Talent development, Utrecht.

bonvivant_notjustalabel_815363092I am what they call  “bon-vivant”: I like goof food, love a drink every now and then, I tend to over-eat. Being an omnivore (I like to eat almost anything :)), this led to overweight, for years. Diets never led to lasting results, I took up running in an intensive way about a year ago, partly expecting this to cause me to lose weight, and got frustrated when I did not. So about 4 month ago, I decided to give Foodfillment Coaching a go. An the results were amazing!

Right from the start, Hennia emphasized the importance of setting a realistic goal for myself. where dis I want to be, weight wise and how attainable was this goal? The power of Hennia’s approach does not lie in the should’nts (what you should or should not eat), but rather in what you choose to eat. It’s all about your mind-set, about what YOU want for yourself. It’s about daily habits, building a new, healthier eating pattern into your daily routine. And it’s not about counting calories at all …(unlike most diets I tried).

Hennia gets you on your way with just a few very simple & practical tips & tweaks about your eating habits – and these have a big impact (no afternoon dips anymore for example).

After finishing my coaching journey with Hennia, I am still food lover, and I still like to indulge in food. What has changed is my awareness of what healthy food is about. And yes I did achieve the goal I set at the start: loosing 5,5 kilo’s in a sustainable manner. And I am currently flying on my own, towards the next 5 kilo’s – something I did not think possible before I started this journey.

Hennia knows het healthy food – inside out. Without restricting her clients to lifestyles they do not want to (and will therefore will not) incorporate into their lives. And that, I believe, is where the power of her approach lies: go where you WANT t go, not where you think you should go. This makes the results of her coaching last.” Jonas Berends, Life Coach.

“Through Hennia’s tailored support, I managed to make simple but effective adjustments to the family diet. Because we all love good food in our family, it is not easy to keep a balance. I thought it would be challenging to change but it was easy to integrate her advice without the frustration usually associated with diets. This makes it truly sustainable in the long term. I feel lighter and have more energy throughout the day, but I also appreciate the fact that it benefits my husband and the kids. Hennia’s coaching style is direct and gentle at the same time. I had fun in our sessions and felt pumped afterwards. Great results and I am confident they will last. I highly recommend Hennia.” O’ona, Life Coach, The Hague.

“Hennia is a great and kind person. She is the type of person who listens well, processes what she hears and then comes back with an interesting and stimulating comment, advice or idea. What I like about her is that she can talk with authority, someone who knows what she is talking about. Since we started the sessions, with some simple adjustments in my daily diet, I’ve noticed that I have more energy, my metabolism – especially my digestion – works a lot better and my performance in sports has improved. I’m glad with her health coaching!” Cleo Ferreira, Traffic & Channel Specialist, Amsterdam.

cheers“All the snacks were quick and easy to make and really delicious. Hennia has a relaxed and practical way of passing on the knowledge about nutrition, healthy eating and benefits of paying more attention to what you eat and serve your family. I have now added to my recipe book a number of great alternatives that don’t contain refined sugar but give me the energy boost I’m looking for with bonus of vitamins and minerals. When even my “don’t-like-dates” husband said “this is really tasty!” I knew my whole family would love the snacks, I am glad I joined the workshop!”. Tania Hols, Merchandise Planner, Rotterdam.

 “Hennia is a very inspiring coach and will give great advice on helping you find the right diet for you!! I thought I was eating healthy but still had regular digestive problems and couldn’t get rid of the last few pounds I needed to feel really great. She advised me to integrate meat and more proteins in my diet again. I did and it worked! My stomach is as flat as ever and my weight has established to the perfect level without any effort! She also gave me the motivation to practice Pilates and Yoga more regularly, I’m 45 and have never felt so great in my body!” Dorine de Schwartz, Business Analyst, Brussels.

muffins close upHennia’s workshop was very educational, not to mention the delicious healthy snacks that we made. Before I joined the workshop, I didn’t pay any attention to the snacks that I consumed, but it’s a totally different story now. The snacks are so easy to make and it’s healthy. I will definitely search for more recipes. Thanks Hennia for the great workshop!” Rachel chow, The Hague.

 “My introduction session with Hennia has helped me realised that it is important to take time off my busy schedule to think about what is important in my life. Concentrate on what I want and what is getting in the way of getting it. In the short session I discovered that there are ways within myself to identify sticking points and unlock them, or view problems from a different angle in order to find a solution.” Mar Alvarez, HR Manager, London.

“Hennia creëert met haar open en authentieke uitstraling vanaf het eerste moment een vertrouwensband. Ze kan heel goed luisteren en de vragen die Hennia stelt hebben me dichter bij mezelf gebracht, wie ik ben en waar ik voor sta. Onze gesprekken gaven me altijd heel veel positieve energie om de inzichten die ik had verkregen in de praktijk te brengen!” Hilde Hageman.

“Ik heb mijzelf tijdens deze coaching weken beter leren kennen, Hennia heeft mij geholpen de dingen die zo moeilijk leken, in een ander licht te bekijken. Nu begrijp ik dat ik – ook met kleine vooruitgangen – iets groots kan bereiken. Ze heeft me geleerd mijzelf de goede vragen te stellen en hoe ik dingen kan veranderen.Hennia, bedankt!” Brigit Reinacher.

Daniela cooking

“The workshop was very inspiring, Hennia! Tried already a few recipes home – and to my surprise – my daughter liked them! I finally found a healthy snack alternative for her school lunch box!”. Daniela Mudreac, Amsterdam.

“Hennia provided knowledge & guidance in an easy-going way during the workshop. The atmosphere was relaxed and the location beautiful. And most important the healthy snacks were delicious! Great opportunity to add variety to my options”. Marielle Droog.

“The workshop is a nice way to spend the afternoon, meeting new people, learning new things, trying out new recipes and taking some learnings home to apply forwards”. Isabel Lledo, Transition Director, Amsterdam.

“All the dips are sooo delicious. I am really addicted to them now. Excellent healthy cooking classes, worth every euro spent! Great recipes for healthy and very tasty food (meals, soups, dips, snacks….). Highly recommended”. Harald Petry.

quinoa salad“Hennia is a good listener, never judgmental, and always looks for the right solution or right process to achieve your goals. Hennia gave me many tips to be able to eat healthy – yet have enough energy – and supported me organize my week, cook more and have a good variation of dishes. I now have the food knowledge to be able to make the right choices, pick the right ingredients and be aware of what I am eating. I would recommend Hennia to anyone who wants to learn about a healthy lifestyle and how to integrate it in their life”. Lieke Buisman, Merchandiser, Utrecht.

“I reached my goal! Today I’m wearing a dress I bought 10 years ago, which I did not fit since 2010. I was close to throwing it away last summer but I kept it…and today I am wearing it! Hennia supported me eating healthier, lose weight and enjoying cooking more – by giving me tips and changing my perspective on food and cooking it. I now stay away for refined sugars and processed foods and I learned to read labels! I would recommend Hennia if you want to make changes in your life in regards to food and eating behaviours, even if you are sceptical about it” Diana Albornoz, Contact Center Support Lead, Utrecht.