About me

Hennia Cheour – Body & Mindset Coach.

If you want to be your healthiest and happiest version of yourself, then you are in the right place. I am passionate about making it easy and fun to upgrade Your life to the best version available, by choosing foods and thoughts that nourish Your Body & Mind.

My challenge

All I ever wanted was to be free, independent and discover the world. It seemed simple and easy enough. Just get good grades, get into a good school, start working in a big multinaIMG_2875Finaltional and travel the world.

Indeed I got the “perfect” job(s) and traveled the world but deep down I knew that I did not feel free or independent, this was not what I had always wanted for myself but I convinced myself that it was (good salary, security and a challenging job in a renowned company) and that there was no other viable alternative that would satisfy my need for freedom and independence. I had to make it work, I had no other choice, I chose to ignore my dreams.

I got early to the office, stayed late, made sure my performance was outstanding. After 10 years of corporate life, I started to notice that the buildup of stress and overwork in my professional environment was having an adverse effect on my health (and the health of many people around me). I was thinking and feeling like a machine, capable of running nonstop to fulfill a to-do-list and I forgot to honor myself.  I was rushing through life, living and eating on the run, had no time to exercise or do the things I love, till a burn-out “happened”. I developed RSI (repetitive Strain injury) in my right arm. I was exhausted (emotionally and physically) had daily headaches, insomnia and experienced a lack of motivation and interest in things.

My turning point

That is when I decided that my own health was more important than the job, the to-do-list and everything else. The burn-out reminded me to come back to listening to my body and what is natural for me.  My priority was taking good care of myself, eating a healthy diet, cooking, exercising, spending quality time with my friends, doing the things I love doing.

I determined (and reminded myself) how my body works and the nourishment and exercise it needs in order to feel at its best. I fueled my mind with healthy thoughts. I learned to live mindfully, to focus my attention to the present moment and accepting it without judgment. It took months of practice and hard work but I was noticing the change in my mindset and it was empowering.

I also realized that my values of freedom and independence were in direct conflict with my career path. I needed a new path, one that was fulfilling and honored my values! I felt relieved I finally knew what made me unhappy but I also felt paralyzed with fear, what now? Go back to school? get a part time job and do voluntary work? start my own business……The pain of status quo outweighed the fear of change. There would never be a perfect moment to change, the perfect moment was now. With the support of a life coach, I got the courage and the confidence to make my dream happen, to transform. It was not easy but it was possible!

My Upgrade14

At the age of 40, I feel amazing and I look great! I trust life, I do not get caught up in worries about the future or regrets about the past, I savor the pleasures in life as they occur and deal with obstacles as they come. I have a job that is fulfilling – support people to feel empowered, regain control over their lives and transform – and is in harmony with my passions (coaching & nutrition) and my values (freedom, independence, adventure).

I upgraded my life! And I still do every day.

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